About Us


Cricket Coaching Academy in Melbourne

We are a group of experienced cricketers who have played cricket for decades and in different continents around the world. With experience comes knowledge & we are here to share the same with you.We provide cricket coaching in Melbourne, in an unconventional way that you or your children have never experienced before. We are proud of what we have to offer and confident in our methodology along with our delivery process. Each individual player is different and we understand that. Our personalised cricket coaching sessions are developed to enhance and prepare our students to perform at highest level of cricket in Melbourne.

Our coaches have played cricket at various levels in Australia and overseas. We understand the structure of Australian cricket and levels at which cricket associations are based for students to progress. This understanding helps our students to progress from club levels through to the sub-district and to the highest level of district (Premier Cricket).

How are we different?

We at MCCA do not put all our students in one basic structure of training. We appreciate that each individual student is at a different level of their cricketing know how and we cater to their personal needs as and when required rather than having each student to go through the same basic session. Take the first step and explore your true potential.